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Onyx Market Hack

Elevate Your Trading with Onyx market hacks , If you’re serious about becoming a successful day trader, you need reliable, actionable information to make profitable plays consistently.

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Who Needs the Trading Hacks?


If you want to choose trading as a career or want to make a Handful part time income u can join Onyx.


As a working professional, I'm sure a secondary source of income would improve the quality of your life. Establishing trading as a profitable side hustle is the need of the hour. You've come to the right place.


Not sure how to invest on stock or forex trading? We can guide you how to Double grow your investment on a long-term & short-term as well.

Anyone who wants to make money out of stock /forex market

Meet your Mentor


Vijay krishna 

CEO & Founder of ONYX HEDGE 

Vijay Krishna has extensive knowledge in the field of trading as Technical analyst with 7+ years of trading experience, specializes in Fund Management and has a strong track record of handling over 200+ clients all over India, with his proven market hacks he wants to  build a successful trading culture who wants to choose trading as their career or wish to make a side income through his fail proof Strategy. His optimized trading strategies lets the learners and investors to focus on the increased Winning rates



Profitable  clients



7+ years of experience


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Yes. It’s an absolute Neophytic & Beginner friendly Programme.

Yes Of course. There’s a 20 mins Q&A session at the end of the Programme.

Yes you can have access to the recordings of the Webinar in case if you missed any details. It will be accessible for a period of two days only.

All the participants will be receiving An E-guide formulated by our Founder which is worth $99. And much more exciting Bonus.

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