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Get Bonus Worth Rs. 500

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  • Learn & Earn or Simply Earn. 
  • Mastering the Skill – Build your knowledge on trading by following the guidance and tips given to you by our expert panel.
  • Learn the strategy – Get to know the mathematical Calculations based on market History with the combinations of popular and successful pairs.
  • Trade in Leading platform –  Meta 4 & MT5 is one of popular and best Trading Platforms Recognized Globally.
  •  Know the Psychology – Understanding the Psychology of the market is Crucial and most essential for a developing successful trader.

Who Needs the Hacks of Trading ?


This is for Entrepreneurs who wants to explore various theories and depths of the market for an informed decision Making.

Beginners & Students

If you want to choose trading as a career or want to make a Handful part time income u can join Onyx.

Working professionals

As a working professional, No doubt a secondary source of income is going to improve your family's Life style. Choosing trading is going to bring you extra money in your pockets and You're on the right Track.

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Economic Calendars

It is essential to Note the Major Economic Announcements. The Economic Calendars keeps you informed.

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Who is Your Customer? Where is Your Customer? Unknown Pain Unknown Gain Types of Content AIDA Model

Chart Patterns

Pattern Recognition helps the Traders to plan and manage their risks.

Learn about the Largest and Most Liquid Financial Market in the world.

About Vijay Krishna

Meet your Trainer Vijay Krishna with 7+ years of trading experience ,specializes in Fund Management and has a strong track record of handling over 200+ clients all over India ,with his proven market hacks he wants to be build a successful trading community who wants to choose trading as their career or wish to make a side income through his fail proof Strategy.


ONYXHedge is Well informed about the Announcements made on the Economic Calendars. Eventually, knows how to interpret the data and provides you significant opportunities to play in the Market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Live session happens at 7.00 AM everyday. If you miss the session, worry not. We will share the recorded session for you.

Of course, you will learn a lot of advanced marketing tricks that actually work.

Our each session lasts for 1 hour. It may extend based on Q and A session.

Once you have made payment successfully, you will see a WhatsApp group link in our Thank you page. Just click and join the group and you will receive further course updates in the group itself.

Yes, we have designed this course particularly to help small and medium business owners scale their business to the next level.

No Worries. You can watch the recorded session. It has a validity of 7 days.

YES, the program is completely LIVE.

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I feel the information he provides during the session are Totally priceless!! Such valuable tips are highly wanted. It helps those who are already a Trader like me!! Thanks Bro!

– Naresh P

When I started I had no idea how to trade. All the sessions were very useful. I highly recommend for all especially Beginners who wants to become a Pro. I’m Impressed!

–  Prakash Iyer

Vijay is very Nice and friendly to address to even the very basic and elementary questions we ask for. He carries a rich knowledge in trading era.

–  Ravi Shankar

It became easier for me to focus on various techniques which are easily understood. This suits my purpose.

–  Hari Krishnan

Onyx is such a beginner friendly Trade learning platform. It gives a clarity on trading is how easy and the techniques to make impressive money is mind blowing 

–  Asha Ravi

Words are not enough to say how thankful I am for choosing this amazing course with Onyx. Vijay is an amazing talent with innumerable skillsets in Trading. You’re a great mentor. You teach the most difficult concepts in most easiest way. Thanks!

–  Sundar Charan

I recommend everyone who is seeking to become a trader to quickly click on Enroll Now without thinking much.

–  Devaki Prakash Kumar

This is the need of the hour for women who are sitting Idle at their homes. You can become a passionate money maker. Vijay’s guidance answered almost all of my questions. He is a great mentor and a guide.

–  Anusha Manikandan